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Basti (Therapeutic Enema)

"Basti is considered by physicians to be half of the entire therapeutic measures. Some physicians even go to the extent of suggesting that Basti represents (not half but) the whole of therapeutic measures."

(Tr. Sharma, Dash)

In this therapy medicated liquid (oil, honey, milk, ghee and decoction etc.)is administered through the anal passage by a special designed instrument. This therapy is for cleaning the colon and nourishing it. It consists of two types.

1. Asthapana Basti (Decoction based)

2. Anuvasana Basti (Oil based)

INDICATION : Neurological Disorders, Constipation, Weight Loss, Sexual Dysfunction, Gynecological Disorders, Arthritis, Lumbago, Hemiplegia etc

Basti : With Medicine

Price : Rs.450-850 per day