Kashi Panchkarma Hospital

About Hospital

Kashi Pancha Karma Hospital was established during March 2003 by Dr. Vijay Singh Rana. After obtaining degree in Ayurveda and special training in Pancha Karma therapy, he took decision to establish a centre to make people free from diseases caused by toxin created in the body due to unwhole some intakes and imbalance bodily Activities of Sense organs. Vision Disease free conditions of individual.


Revival of Swadeshi Medical System infused with human values with easy accessible for individuals. Atend following object as :
  • To make people free from effect of Toxins accumulated in human body due to different polluted in takes.
  • To take care / cure of diseases like-wast pain, spondilysis, Arthrities, Joints Pain, Cerebral Palcy (CP), Multiple
  • Selerosis (MS) depression, paralysis, Hypertension, obesity, Psoriasis sciatica, sinusitis, Asthma Diabities etc.
  • Created due to unwholesome intakes & imbalance bodily actions.
  • To cure / care the Chronic diseases of Ano-rectal domain like Piles, Fissure & Fistula-through kshar sutra surgery.
  • To cure / care sexual problem like oligospermia. Loss of libido, premature ijeculation, loss of strength and stemina through vajeekarana therapy.
  • To Strengthen / Rejuvinate the natural immune system of the human body. Through Rasayan Therapy.
  • To ensure the availability of pure & fresh Auyrvedic medicines.
  • Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Cleaning of the Mind
  • Strength of the Sense Organs
  • Stability of the Tissue
  • Keenness of the digestive power
  • Store ageing
  • Due to purification of the body the capacity of the Agni is increase, the vitiated and aggravated Dashes is removed, all the sense organs start working with vigour, after certain time the strength is increased, the old age is prevented and the disease are cured.

    Our Therapy

  • Shirodhara-by kasaya/Takra/Oil
  • Vamana-Vireechana-Vasti-Jalauka
  • Shirovirechana
  • Abhyanga-Swedan
  • Akshi Tarapana
  • Pinda sweedan
  • Powder massage/Shali shasthik/Patra Potlali
  • Baluka Sweedon..........etc.
  • Our centre are provide complete Ayurvedic medicine Panch Karma therapy: and kshara sutra. Our staff is weltrained and dedicated.


  • Gas: flatulance, Acidity, Body Pain, Jaundic Hepatities/etc.
  • Joints pain, inflanation/swelling etc.
  • Arthrities (Osteo orthritis/RA), osteo porosis/Gout.
  • Spondylosis- Cervical/limber Dis-cprolapse, Nerve root comperesion etc.
  • Paralysis, cerebral ataxia, Alzymer, loss of memory etc.
  • Insomnea, Depression Anxiety etc.
  • Pseudomuscular dystrophy
  • Hyperlipidimia (Cholesterimia)/Hypertension/Athero selerosis/Cardities
  • High Blood suger(Diabeties) and its Complecations.
  • Ceribral Palcy and other pediatric problem (Jaundia, Fever, impair growth etc.)
  • Psoriasis, Eczyma:Vitiligo(red spot) etc.
  • Sexual problem-lrectile Disfunction, loss of libido, sperm related problemetc etc.
  • Piles/Fistula/fisure and other ano rectal problem.
  • Cancer/Kidney related problem
  • Swelling in prostate.
  • Swelling in prostate.
  • Panchakarma Therapy for Specific Desease
    पंचकर्म चिकित्सा निम्न रोगों में विशेष उपयोगी

    पंचकर्म चिकित्सा सभी रोगों तथा सभी शाखाओं में समानरूपेण उपयोगी है |
    Pancha Karma used in all diseases and all branches of the medical fields.
    1.Asthmaतमकश्वास / दमा
    2.Multiple Sclerosis मज्जागत वात
    3.Back Pain-Disc Prolapses, OA Changes, Canal
    Stenosis, Lumber spondylosis, Sciatica.
    कटि शूल ग्रीघ्रसी
    4.Cervical Pain ग्रीवा शूल
    5.Constipation कोष्ठबद्धता
    6.Depression and Psychological Problems अत्वाभिनिवेष उन्माद - अपस्नार
    7.Facial Palsy / CVA अर्दीत / पछाघाट
    9.Hypertension शिर:शूल
    10.Obesity रक्तभार / रक्तगत वात
    11.Pre-menstrual Syndrome स्याल्य
    12.Polyarthritis / Rheumatism आमवात / सन्धिगत वात
    13.Psoriasis कीटीभ
    14.Sinusitis प्रतिश्याय